Can I see Enclave system IP addresses in the Portal?

New user asks: Is there anywhere in the web management portal I can find assigned IP addresses on enclave network?

Support reply: Hi, I’m afraid the Enclave IP address of each system is not available in the Portal yet, but its coming.

At the moment each system’s Enclave IP address is static (selected during installation) but can be reconfigured by changing the configuration file and restarting Enclave. If you take a look in C:\Program Files\Enclave Networks\Enclave\Agent\profiles\Universe.profile near the bottom of the file you will see something like:

"VirtualAddress": "",
"VirtualNetwork": ""

These IP addresses are not defined by Policy at this time, which is why it’s not yet available in the Portal. When two systems connect they exchange the Enclave IP addresses from their local configuration files.

While we do have plans to make this information available via the Portal, for now the best way to get it is from each system running Enclave. You can find a system’s local Enclave IP address (virtual address) by running enclave status at the command line, or opening the tray application on Windows. Once two systems are connected, they automatically gain knowledge of each other’s Enclave IP addresses too, which is also accessible via enclave status and the tray application.

An Enclave IP address only has meaning when there is an Enclave connection between two systems of course, so while you can find Enclave IP addresses from each connected agent, we would generally recommend using the built-in Enclave nameserver and DNS names for connectivity rather than direct IP addresses references.

Happy to talk this it through if that would be useful. Please let us know.