Enclave Release 2022.11.28

Hey all, we’re releasing a servicing release of Enclave today, 2022.11.28, to resolve a few issues; namely:

  • Enclave’s interactive installer fails to run correctly on Windows Server 2016
  • Agent disconnects and reconnects from our cloud services can lead to OS and version information missing from the Enclave Portal.
  • When deploying Enclave on a system already running another virtual network (e.g. OpenVPN), Enclave cannot use that existing virtual network to establish tunnels.

We’d encourage everyone to update to resolve these issues.

Thanks, and happy networking!


To update to the latest version on Windows, you can click the upgrade prompt in the Enclave Tray app, or you can download directly from here.


To update on apt-compatible distributions, you can run sudo apt update & sudo apt install enclave to get the latest version.

On RPM Based Distros run dnf upgrade enclave or yum upgrade enclave

On all other distributions, head to the portal for installation instructions.


On macOS, run brew upgrade enclave to get the new version.

If anyone has issues/questions with the release, feel free to comment here.