Enclave Release 2023.01.18 (and announcing Android and iOS support!)

Hey everyone,

We’ve released a new version of the Enclave Agent, 2023.01.18. This release resolves a couple of issues:

  • Enclave can now handle IPv6 being disabled globally on Windows.
  • On Linux distributions (primarily OpenSUSE) that use Netconfig for DNS management, we now correctly auto-configure our DNS nameservers.
  • Enclave Gateway now functions correctly on Linux RHEL-based distributions that use strict ip filtering.
  • Added multi-architecture support to our docker containers hosted on Docker Hub, to make it easier to run Enclave in docker on arm64 and arm32 devices.

The biggest news at this release, however, is that we’ve now released our official Enclave Android and iOS apps! You can download them from the App Store or on Google Play, right now.

There’s more detail on mobile availability in the associated blog post.