Enclave Release 2023.12.12

Hey all, we’re releasing a new version of Enclave today, 2023.12.12. This is primarily a bug fix release to resolve some issues reported by customers, including:

  • Improving the reliability of profile file updates to prevent the profile file corruption seen a few times by customers.
  • Better handling errors occurring in our windows tray during shutdown, to prevent message boxes popping up and blocking shutdown.
  • Fixing an issue that was causing our windows tray to occasionally lock up when rapidly clicking the tray icon.
  • Ensuring that the android tray notification correctly launches the app.
  • Adding support for reverse-DNS resolution with PTR records, both with enclave IP addresses and through a gateway. This improves a perceived slow-down in SQL Server Management Studio when Enclave provides the connectivity.

We’d encourage everyone to update to the latest version.

Thanks, and happy networking!


To update to the latest version on Windows, you can click the upgrade prompt in the Enclave Tray app, or you can download directly from here.

If you require our unattended installers, you can download here


To update on apt-compatible distributions, you can run sudo apt update & sudo apt install enclave to get the latest version.

On RPM Based Distros run dnf upgrade enclave or yum upgrade enclave

On all other distributions, head to the portal for installation instructions.


On macOS, run brew upgrade enclave to get the new version.